Adopting Marketing Concept for Services Improvement among Fast Food Firms




1.1    Background Of The Study

Marketing can be defined as the activity, set of institutions, and process for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customer and society at large. The above definition was approved by the American marketing Association Board of Directors on July 2013.

The above definition implies that all the business organization should create value for customers and society at large by knowing their needs and wants and strive to satisfy them thereby making their profit( Emeka, 2010).

According to  ijeoma(2011) Consumers who are not sophisticated in their behavior as to what should be their proper choice feels that they have little or no control over the product or services they get as a result, are frustrated in their role as consumers, as they are becoming more and more aware of their right or roles as consumers, they often feel abused or even insulted.

From observation, serious questions have been raised about the extent to which the marketing concept has been adopted to achieve business objectives and goods by fast firms in Awka (Mr. Biggs and Crunchies), which is clear evidence that marketing concept has been inadequately effective to the point that the concept no longer holds truth. Most people misinterpret the use of marketing concepts. Most marketing managers believed that adopting the marketing concept which is giving the consumer anything desired prices below cost, for example, could lead to bankruptcy.

To the best of my knowledge and personal experience, the best and possible consumer items of agricultural products  are rice, beans, garden egg, plantain, fruits etc.

Most times, consumers of local products have complained of the quality, functionality, durability, safety and availability of  goods and services. In order to improve the selling effectiveness, fast food firms have focused their attention on a true knowledge of the consumers, his needs and buying behavior. This approach is expensive because it requires extensive approach, research and skillfully executed marketing programmers( kuti,2009). But the aim has been the idea that profitable sales will bee rewarded of skillful satisfaction of wants, deliver3ed to the consumers in cheerful manner.

Theoretically, the research defines and talks about the basic elements, components and evolutions of the marketing concept. It focuses on some  challenges for fast food firms in Nigeria and Awka in particular.

1.2   Statement Of The Problem

The researcher, as the work was going on observed these problems, that fast food firms in Awka, Anambra State (Mr. Biggs and Crunchies Awka)   are bound to fail if it pays little or no attention to the adoption of marketing concept for service improvement especially on the excuse that marketing concept that the consumer is the “king” i.e consumer determines where to produce, how to produce, when to produce, what to produce even the price of the product or services. Marketing concept might be regarded as the life blood in business and its inadequacy or mismanagement is the leading cause of business failure. But “organization that holds the belief readily acknowledge that customers are the driving force behind their business are likely to survive even in a stiff competitive environment because they recognized the customers’ needs and wants and strive to satisfy them” Udemy Blong 2016.

Therefore, the fast food firms have been generating below capacity. This situation can be attributed to as many problems which could be inability to use the marketing concept effectively. There have not being able to identify the needs and wants of all consumers and as well as not being able to satisfy all the consumers.  Against this backdrops this study therefore examines adoption  of marketing concept for service improvement among fast food firms.


1.3   Objective Of The Study

The main objectives of the study focues on adopting marketing concept for services improvement among  fast food firms. Other specific  objectives are

  1. To ascertain the extent to which fast food firms apply marketing concept in the operation of their business.
  2. To ascertain the marketing concept used by the firm.
  3. To investigate the benefits derivable from the adoption of marketing concept.
  4. To ascertain the reasons why fast food firms adopt particular kind of marketing concept.

1.4   Research Questions

The researcher during the research work posed the following as a guide to the study.

  1. To what extent do Mr. Biggs and Crunchies fast food in Awka apply marketing concept?
  2. What type of marketing concept do the firm use for consumers?
  3. What benefits are being derived from the adoption of marketing concepts?
  4. What is the essence of adopting a particular kind of marketing concept by fast food firms?

1.5   Significance of The Study

The study is of importance for the investigation of certain activities performed by fast food firms and analysing the problems and prospects involved in the implementation of the concept with particular references to Mr. Biggs and Crunches in Awka.

The study will therefore be of benefit to the following:

  1. Fast food firms.
  2. Potential investors in that area of business
  3. Other business organization
  4. Government researchers
  • It will help fast food firms for self evaluation of past performers and as a stimulation for the development of suitable retailing strategies that will enable them satisfy consumer wants and needs profitably.
  • The study will investigate whether fast food firms in Awka (Mr. Biggs and Crunchies) are consumer oriented and how marketing concept is relevant to their existence.
  • It will also serve as a basis for further research in areas outside the study. The findings will also benefit the firms and others.
  • Potential investors in that area of business. With this research the potential investors will know how to apply marketing concept to achieve the business objectives. With the knowledge of this research, the government researcher will also know how to apply marketing concept to modify government businesses.




1.7: Scope of The Study

The research will cover some guidelines of marketing concept and on how fast food firms can be consumer oriented on their programmes. The major in this research on how adoption of marketing concept/strategies improve services among fast food firms in Awka, Anambra State (A study of Mr. Biggs and Crunchies). Also how important for other business organizations outside fast food firms to apply marketing concept to apply it for their survival.

1.8    Limitation of The Study

This study is limited to sale and other marketing activities of institution as well as these individuals whose primary activities or vocations are retailing. The idea is not to give complete picture of the following factors.

  1. Access to most of the fast food workers
  2. Improper disclosure of information.




1.9   Definition of term

Service Kolter (1991) defines service as any act of performance that one party  offer to another that is essentially intangible and does not result in the ownership of anything.

Consumer: A person(s) who buys goods product or services. In addition, consumer are household or other users of goods and services for ultimate consumption.

Firms: A business partnerships the name under which it trades.

Concept: it is an idea underlying  a class of things or general notion about a particular philosophy.