This study has attempted to find out an assessment of pupils learning achievement in English language in private and public primary schools in Ogo-Oluwa Local Government Area of Oyo State. It is descriptive survey research. It involved two primary schools in Ogo-Oluwa Local Government Area of Oyo State. Both private and public school were used as sample for the study. For the collection of data that researcher made use of self designed questionnaire and achievement test. The data was analyzed with the used of percentage method. Moreover, the result showed that both public and private school learn all aspect of English language except composition which is difficult for pupils in primary schools to write without guide. The subject of the study believed that both private and public primary schools have specialized teacher for the teaching of English but the teachers in public schools are lazy in teaching. This is the reason pupils in public primary schools do not perform better as textbooks and aids affect the performance of the pupils in public primary schools in the sense that they combined the use of English language and Yoruba language as a medium of instruction. This is not the case in private primary schools, English language is used except lesson on Yoruba language where they used Yoruba as medium of instruction.





The history of the English language in Nigeria has to do with the activities of early Christian missionaries in the southern part of Nigeria whose aim was to convert the heathen Africans to Christianity through education knowledge of the bible, the ability to sing hymns as well as the ability to communicate both and in writing were considered essentials for a good Christian. Consequently they started training English language and the local language.

However, Christian missionaries assumed that the African culture and religion had in the word of Lord Lugard and system of ethnics had not principle of conduct, it is with this notion they established their schools.

English language which was the language of missionaries prominent in the school curriculum. The missionaries came to Nigeria between 1842 and 1960s (September) 1842 and subsequently church missionary society (CMS) arrived on 19th December 1843. The southern Baptist mission and Roman Catholic mission too were not left out, they arrived in august 1850 and respectively. As soon as they preached and made the rudiment of Christian life and that of western education.

More so, most of the missionaries that operated in Nigeria were British and they worked hand in hand with colonial administration based in Lagos to introduce what is known today as western education in Nigeria.

The government interest and participation in education in this colony started with appointment of Henry carr (A Nigerian and a teacher) before entering civil service as a resident sub-inspector in 1889. This made it easier than having a visiting inspector.

The government also provide curriculum for both primary and secondary schools and as well made English language as the medium of instruction at schools. Later, industrial instruction was included in the curriculum in 1880, there were two industrial schools. Topo for boys and St.mary for girls, both were run by Roman Catholic Mission (RCM). Private primary schools are owned by individual religion organization and at times group of peoples.

The school is usually being founded by the person who established it (proprietor) that is, teacher salaries maintenance and other expenses are being paid monthly, terminally or yearly as the case may be.

The type of education being offered by private schools is considered always to be high standard. This is proper because of the fees being paid and competition for excellences among the private school. In addition, private schools provide modern reaction facilities for the pupils to help their physical development.

Public primary schools are owned by government either by the local government, state government or federal government. These schools are founded by the government and students don’t normally pay school fees.  The teachers are paid by the government.

Conclusively, it is necessary to compare the learning achievement of the pupils in the both schools. The present study will however concentrate on English language.


The research is to look into the performance of private primary schools pupils and public primary schools pupils in English language. For convenience sake in the research work, some schools have been selected as a case study, both private and public schools were chosen to balance up the result of the research work and for proper comparison of how pupils are mastering English ;language in public and private schools.

The researcher also focused his research on the origin of English language, the importance of English language, the performance of pupils in English language, factors affecting teaching and learning achievement in English language and solutions to the factors affecting achievement in English language.


This research work may be useful in the following areas.

It reveals the assessment of pupils learning achievement in English language in private and public primary schools in OgoOluwa Local Government Area of Oyo State.

It may help in sharing more light to the problem pupils encountered in learning English language in primary schools.

The result of this project may help the school authorities on the academic difference between private and public schools and called for its adjustment.

It may help to improve pupil’s academic performance in English language in schools.

It will also help the government and Parent Teachers Association (PTA) to provide the needs of pupils’ especially public schools.


The scope of the study has been restricted to two primary schools. One private and one public primary school in OgoOluwa Local Government Area of Oyo State. The selected schools include:



Private Primary School

  • Unity Nursery and Primary School, Otarmokun

Public Primary School

  • A.C Primary School, Ajaawa

This study is also restricted to the primary five pupils alone in both selected private and public school; we make use of achievement test for the pupils and make use of questionnaire for the teachers.


In order to find solution to the statement i.e. comparative assessment of pupils learning achievement in English language in selected public and private primary schools. The following questions have been formulated.

  1. Do pupils in private primary school understand English language than those in public school?
  2. Do pupils in private primary school learn each aspect of English language better than those in public primary school?
  3. Do pupils in private primary school exposed to the use of instructional aids than those in public primary school.






The importance of this research work are many and they are discuss as follow.

  • This research will assist in finding solution to pupils poor academic performance in English language in both private and public primary schools.
  • Also, it will suggest ways by which government can assist public primary school pupils.
  • It’s real, private primary school pupils perform better than public primary school pupils in English language.
  • This variable would be important to all education agencies in determining the area where they could assist in the teaching and learning of English language in primary schools.

The research is limiting the finding to two selected public and private primary schools in Ogo-Oluwa Local Government Area. The study is also limited to the primary five pupils alone.

This project is also limited by term, financial constraint and non availability of materials. School children were unable to answer the question by themselves, until when the teacher and researcher assist them.




Comparative: This is Comparism of two or more schools in order to sort out the differences and similarities.

Assessment: It is an evaluation of pupils achievement. It is also the process of investigating the level of performance of pupils in relation to the expected outcomes.

Linguafranca: Language speaking by the majority. It is an adopted language.

Academic Performance: The level pupils are applying and making use of the amount of knowledge acquire through systematic training and instruction in the school to enable him to adjust in any environment he find himself.

English Language: This refers to the medium of expression in Nigeria. It is also known as linguafranca in Nigeria.

Learning Materials: These are the textbooks, the apparatus and learning aids used in teaching the pupils in schools.

Private Primary Schools: These are primary school owned by individual religion organization a times groups of people who establishes it.

Public Primary Schools: These are school owned by government i.e. primary schools that are owned by local, state or federal government. These schools are being founded by the government.