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The errors associated with the existing manual method of processing of students’ results in most institutions in Nigeria, make it not only desirable but also imperative that computerized approach be used to the full in measuring students’ academic progress. The manual methods being employed suffer a number of setback. They make the process to be time-consuming and prone to errors even as they lead to late publication of examination results. Worst still, sometimes wrong grades are being entered and students’ grade point averages are computed wrongly. Consequently, the cumulative errors being generated are ultimately linked to awarding of erroneous class of degree. Some students could end up with undeserved good classes of degree, while others could be unfairly victimized, bringing about frustration. In this case, the image of the department(s) concerned and the whole University alike could become tarnished. The problem, therefore, that arises is to find a method of processing examination results that would be sufficiently accurate and reasonably timely.

Result processing is a routine activity. Every semester in the higher institution calls for assessment of the performances of the students. This assessment usually comes in the form of examinations, tests, many practical, labs, and the likes. Without an assessment of the students, there will not be the need to work hard.

Assessment takes the form of a reward system. Students are interested in a competitive environment. Tracing this to the primary and secondary school systems where the students are graded in positions; each student works very hard to make the best results. The higher institution system is no difference. At the end of each academic semester, the results of the semester academic activities are computed. The issue here is in the conversion of the levels of involvement and expertise of the students into relative figures, which ranks the students.

Each of the students in every level has results to be computed. The task of result processing and other academic activities mandates the assignment of course advisers to take care of such functions.

Result, by way of definition is the consequence of an action; the conclusion of a problem, or experiment after a period. At the end of each academic semester, the results of the exams, tests, practical and labs are calculated and the grades are correspondingly computed. This is done by the various course coordinators of the courses. The next phase of the result processing process is done by the level course adviser. Each level of every department has its own dedicated course adviser. The course adviser acts on the list of results of all the students in his/her level and those of other students who sat for courses in other levels; either as borrowed courses or as carry over courses. The task ahead of the course adviser is to convert the grades of the students submitted to him into grade equivalents.

In institutions, the need for automated method of keeping data has been there. There have been several attempts to develop systems for automating result processing, but most of the work of this project will be on the processing of the results of the students at the undergraduate levels; and also span across other course advisers’ functions. With Information Management Technology department as the organization’s case study, this work is focused on providing alternative solutions to the general problems associated with result processing, adding and dropping of courses, registration of extra course units, timely computation of students’ grades, course registrations, and above all, security issues which hinders unauthorized access to results by students and lecturers.



The problems associated with the existing system of result record processing range from slow speed of record processing and referencing, inefficiency in handling result record, insecurity and inaccuracy in result entry on result. This project is will solve problems associated with manual method of processing student result through the development of application package. This is done to enhance efficiency in terms of accuracy, storage and time in producing students result.

The manual method is understudied and the current procedure described. The need for window base system is made known as well as stating the limitation of this research work.


The aim of this project is to design a secondary school result processing system for God saves scools.

The objective of this project is to design and develop system that can:

  • Provide a software that will generate result that is accurate, timely and error free.
  • Maintain a reliable database for storage of students’ records and update as the need arises.
  • Restrict unauthorized access to the students’ record.
  • Produce relevant report of students’ general performance at the end of every academic semester, presented in the form of tables.
  • To minimize and reducing the problems created by the manual systems of result processing.


For the development of this application, the system will make use of Microsoft Visual C# as the programming language and MySQL as the database.


The project work will help in a good number of ways to ease the delay in manual examination processing. The software developed will help schools management to achieve efficient Information Management System. There are many other advantages, and some of them are listed below.

  1. It saves time during examination processing.
  2. Database for course registration and examination result is maintained.
  • References are very fast and delays can be avoided.
  1. It allows easy access to stored information.
  2. It helps in reducing the costs such as labor, inventory and stationery.
  3. Generation of accurate results/information on transactions is ensured.



This research work will concentrate on student registration, course registration, student clearance and result processing system, as well as course adviser functions provided in an automated format which enables the Head of Department, seen here as the validator.

The system will be limited to calculating results of students in senior secondary school.



Database: This is a collection for interrelated data stored together with redundancy control for the purpose of information storage and retrieval.

System: This is a group of interrelated part of a computer that work in harmony to achieve specific goal or objectives.

Technology: This is an ability of man to combine intellectual, moral and physiological process to produce something.

Design: The process of developing software and its implementation.




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