The objective of this project is to design and implement computer based treasury management system to help improve the manual operation in the day today activities of the treasurer. I was motivated due to the stress in which treasurers go through in making their transaction in banks go through in making their transaction in banks and also exchange rate management, loan record act with other banks, this project will help to reduced all this problems. The programming language used to code this program is PHP and MySQL. This program will help reduce the stress that a treasurer goes through on daily basis.





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1.0     Introduction                                                                            1

  • Background of the study 3
  • Statement of the problem 5
  • Aim and objective of the study 6
  • Significant of the study 7
  • Scope of the study 8
  • Limitation of the study 9
  • Definition of terms 10


2.0     Introduction                                                                            11

2.1     Structure of an integrated treasury unit                                   19



  • Introduction 22
  • System analysis 22
    • Detailed definition of the problem 23
    • Feasibility study 24
  • Methods of data collection 25
    • Interviewing 26
    • Observation                                                                            26
  • Problem of the existing system 26
    • Data preparation 27
    • User preparation 27
  • Objective of the new design 28
  • Program structures 28
    • Top down program design 30
    • System flowchart 30
    • Program flowchart 32
  • File maintenance module 33
  • Main menu specification 33
    • Output specification 34
    • Input specification 36
    • File/database specification 37



  • System implementation and program                                              38

4.1     Justification of the programming language                                       38

4.2     System control                                                                        40

4.3     System requirement                                                                 40

4.3.1  Software requirement                                                              40

4.3.2  Hardware requirement                                                             41

4.3.3  People                                                                                     41

4.4     Implementation details                                                            42

4.4.1  Coding                                                                                     42

4.4.2  System testing                                                                         42

4.4.3  Training and re-training of staff                                                        43

4.4.4  File conversation                                                                     44

4.4.5  Changeover procedure                                                            44

4.4.6  Commissioning                                                                       46

4.4.7  User manuals                                                                          46

4.4.8  Maintenance details                                                                 47



  • Summary 49

5.1     Conclusion                                                                              49

5.2     Recommendation                                                                     50

References                                                                               52







Computer based treasury management system is a software package that is design to help improved the manual operation on these day to day activities of the treasure. This solution and stratifies is sign on treasury cash management and foreign exchange and any other financial operation. This was developed because of the stress in which treasurers go through in other to carry out their daily transaction. It is also known as a treasury workstation in a term for a treasury oriented system or software package that specializes in the automation of manually intensive, repetitive steps needed to manage a bank or company’s cash flows. The system allows a company to efficiently communicate with financial institution in other to manage cash, transaction, forecasts, for and even investment and debt. A computer based treasury management system can seamlessly interface with a company’s general ledger offering an instant financial dashboard.


The financial crisis has heightened the need for better transparency into a company’s cash positions as the transition lines of credit have become increasingly sources. Through the proper selection and implementation of a computer based treasury, management system corporate treasurers can efficiently respond to the financial need of the bank. The research methodology were carry out on the old system by method of personal interview, questionnaire, observations text and internet to know how this computer based treasury works. The computer based treasury system will help experts and professionals in all areas of treasury system to be able to maintain accuracy in any organization especially in the banking sector. This system will offer an integrated and user friendly electronic information environment for recording.

This will help the treasurer to extend beyond the mere control of monitory flows and position exchange rate and interest volatile in the wake of internationalization and deregulation of currency markets. This will help to control credit rate in increasing competitive market and the appearance of the new financial instrument have forced treasury management to become the financial based in the action.


Managing the financial activities of any business can be a different task and for those in control of treasure in the banking and financial sector, it can be especially difficult, from the continues influxes of new or changing regulations, through to the labyrinth of consideration required to manage risk effectively. Its important to ensure that your computer based treasury management system will function to your exact requirement, while providing useful and insightful reports. It consist of software, hardware and the staff running the technology and can linked to information coming from both internal and external sources and it will perform a variety of transaction and other automated tasks while also providing analysis of funds and revenue. A computer based treasury management system can often be linked to other officer application or integrated as part of an enterprises resources planning (ERP) system.

Finally, with this computer based treasury management system all this misappropriation of credit and stress that treasurers go through will become things of the past.



Guarantee trust bank plc was incorporated as a limited company licensed to provide commercial and other bank services to the Nigeria public in 1990. The bank commenced operation in February 1991 and has since there grow to services focused bank in Nigeria.

Five years later in September 1996, guaranty trust bank plc become a publicity quoted company and won the Nigeria stock exchange presidential merit award that same year and subsequently years 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.


In February 2002, the bank was granted a universal banking product license. Guaranty trust bank widely recognized as a space shelter and industry leader, the bank is also accredited with such innovation as the introduction of customer to access their account and conduct transaction from any branch in the network.

In 2006, the bank, guarantee trust bank launched a centre that allows customers to conduct 90 percent of banking transaction via phone form anywhere in the world. In 2009, the bank launched the gives and student account to wide acclaim.


The lea account empowers undergraduates to take greater control of their finance in a responsible manner whilst exposing them to the unique opportunity the account offers. The bank is driven by the develop mantel challenges of its host communities to remain socially responsible company that ensure its activities meet and exceed the social environment and economics expectation of its stakeholders which is software that is develop to help the bank to achieved the economic challenges.



The computer based treasury management systems have its problem facing the people making use of the system. In the year 1970, many treasurers were facing a lot of challenges and stress due to the manual operations they were making use of, but as time goes on, changes takes place as the economy environment was hit by recession which favored the emergence of new short term monetary policy instrument and the first hint of deregulation of financial market but treasury management of payment and collection and the maintenance of bank balance position. In the past year, treasury work was so cumbersome because there is no computer bases treasury management. In treasury the problem solving is:

  1. Improper management of finances.
  2. Difficulties in management of treasury management software.
  3. Time wastage in manual processing, dissention of information of the treasurers.
  4. Manual registration of staff and individual accounts.
  5. Manual method of sending information on organization treasury profile and so on.

All this listed are the problem facing the treasurer.



The aim of this study is to develop system based treasury management system software covering several areas such as foreign exchange, money loans and their related derivation instrument. The system will be able to provide organization with a sophisticated, multi-entity, multi-portfolio, multi-dealing room environment support of robust risk management and management information system (MIS). This will show the important management system (TMS) and its uses benefit in the treasury department there are;

  1. To automate treasury in any easy to use secure electron environment.
  2. To be able to re-deploy staff away from respective and essential introduction manual task and focused or managing cashing and risk efficiently.
  • To discover cash management services for bank on the consideration of daily report especially in balancing and crediting and account information
  1. To discover how treasury management system (TMS) helps organization in managing their daily complex treasury operation
  2. To manage a wide range of financial obligation within a single system.



Computer based treasury management system was developed to be able to help in checking and controlling financial in an organization introducing the study will help to regulate and manage all capitals to eliminate intangible and manage all capitals to eliminate intangible assets unknown cost and to reduce liquidity of capital of financial institution. This will help to regulate the transaction both in cash and cheque.


This now will link to treasury management to extend beyond the mere control of monetary flow and positions. Exchange rate and interest rate volatility in the work of the international and deregulation of currency market. This will help to reduce risk and control of credit in increasing competitive market and the new financial instrument has forced treasury management of investment treasury deficit and different financial risk.

This study is to control, regulate check meet for improvement of treasurer in all the financial institutions to upload or download the link of all the cheque issued on daily bases so that at the end of the month the financial statement will show all the transaction within the month. This will help for accurate data keeping in the financial institution.


For future researching, they should look into the existing work to know whether there are some areas, which can be improved on furthermore, like using it to track down fraud in the banking system so that public finance can be managed properly. Achieving all these will help computer based treasury management system to be one of the best software to be used in the financial institution.



This study covers a wide area in the treasury management system and help in control of treasury and this will help income in the financial institution.


These are the following things that limit the computer based treasury management system (constraint).

FINANCIAL PROBLEM: There is no enough fund for the researcher to carry out this work starting from buying the necessary textbook handout, journal and other reference material for gathering facts, preparation and transportation fare even the money to take for myself.


INTERNET FACILITIES: The demand for internet user is greater than the internet centers available also the browsing capabilities is very slow making it difficult to get research material at ease because there are so many user in the internet centre.


TIME LIMITATION: A researcher cannot boast a present accuracy of the research work due to difficulties ranging from other academic work, health condition and other distraction during the period of the research work, because in the work there is limited amount of time even from the research to be carried out.

COOPERATION AMONG THE STAFF: The researcher should approach to the staff of organization treasuring management system. Some of the responses to the researcher because of fare in the society. They filled that some researcher are fraud star. I find it difficult to get the accurate information.



COMPUTER: This is an electronic device that access data work on the data to bring out information (output)


PROGRAM: This is a set of instruction which the computer can initiate specified or defined to produce a designed objective


TREASURY: This is define as a place in which treasurer, private or public funds are received, kept managed.