Design and Implementation of Loan Management System with SMS Notification (A Case Study of Diamond Bank, Plc, Owerri)




This project deals with Bank loans management with SMS notification. The case study of Diamond bank, Plc, Owerri Imo state. The bank has an existing system which is also web based and it is powered by Microsoft ASP.Net and Microsoft server 2005 edition. The system for banking operation is well designed but the interface is not user friendly. Some difficulties are faced in configuring and using the software due to the inherent complexity of ASP.Net. This also affects the speed and performance of the whole application, because ASP.Net runs on IIS space (internet information server) which is very slow in interpreting HTTP request, making the response time to be too long. This project is aimed at overcoming the exiting bottlenecks by developing dedicated user friendly software for managing loans to the various customers. The software tool employed in this application developed, are Visual Basic, Microsoft Access database and, which the fastest web server is. This implementation of banking solution will lead to a reliable, fast and user appealing solution robust enough to meet the enterprise need.




Title page





Table of content


Chapter one

  • Introduction

1.2 Statement of problem

1.3 Objective of study

1.4 Significant of study

1.5 Scope of study

1.6 Limitation

1.7 Definitions of terms


Chapter two

  • Review of Related literatures


Chapter three

System analysis and design

3.1 Method of data collection

3.2 Brief history of diamond bank organization and operation

3.3 Problem of the existing system

3.4 Justification of the new system

3.5 Modularity

3.6 Main menu specification

3.7 Input specification

3.8 Output specification

3.9 System design

3.10 System security consideration

3.11 Overview of proposed system chart


Chapter four

System implementation

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Computer hardware platform

4.3 Software platform

4.4 Justification of programming language

4.5.1 Program Testing

4.5.2 System flowchart

4.5.3 Program flowchart

4.6 System Maintenance

4.7 System requirement

4.8 Change over

4.9 Documentation


Chapter five

Summary, Recommendation, and Conclusion

5.1 Summary

5.2 Conclusion

5.3 Recommendation











The need to provide information that is accurate when they are needed is one of the major problems of management, as they are often used in the making of vital decisions. Consequently wrong or delayed information can lead to very costly mistake which may cost the firm or individual a lot thereby portraying bad or poor managerial ability.

In the financial sector especially with the banking section concerned with loan applications and transactions, there is need for efficient, accurate and automated analysis of such business transact tools even on a small scale such as with small and medium scale (SMS) enterprise.

Loan schemes are rapidly becoming computerized or digitalized for faster processing, on demand accessibility secured, innovative and flexible to acquire.

Many of this computerized loan management system are employed in diverse ways, such as through SMS services, pager services and through other real-time mobile systems and application services.

This project is about the development of an online distributed loan management software with Ajax enabled and SMS notification that is platform neutral.




Diamond bank is a fast growing financial institution.

Correspondingly, its lending capacity is increasing in figures and scope.

Currently its software application is very slow and not user friendly.

The main problems that this project seeks to address are:

  1. The problem of time wastage.
  2. The problem of unnecessary delays in performing banking transaction.
  3. The problem of lack of decision and precision that is lack of particular approach to loan assessment which could lead an existence of a standard which is very bad for the business.



At the expected end of this project, I would have accomplish the development of fully functional software that could be used in the processing, transfer and management of loan schemes especially through SMS mobile service.




One of the major reasons for embarking on this project is to facilitate the ease of transfer of loan through XML web service, HTTP protocol and SMTP gateway for adequate loan management and monitoring. The technology mentioned above is employed due to the simplicity in their application and implementation and a very stable security feature. Data processing is very fast due to the protocols implemented by them. The delivery is guaranty due to enterprise nature of the application, being an online application makes it accessible anytime and anywhere, while using a text based protocol (XML) make data smooth and platform independent such that can be consumed by any solution that support the protocol, also ease the installation and development procedure. SMTP is a great asset in the whole enterprise because it enables access to SMS gateway with ease and cost effective.



This project is fully and working banking solution/application or software that has the capability to create account for new customers, it holds daily transaction. Banks can generate ledger, account statement, balance sheet. But the important part of the project is the loan management module. Loan management module is the module that creates account or generates account number and monitors the activities of the bank. Being an online remote area, the loan module takes care of loan repayment, interest reduction on each loan account. The ability to dedicate on response or no respond account.

The features are possible due to the enterprise level or nature of the solution. The enterprise nature is due to the tools employed such as MS Access database which is a relational database system with the capability of XML (extensive markup language) process; the deployment server is apache which is the fastest, secure, robust enterprise ready server and an open source solution. Being an open source makes the processing engine to be very reliable.



Commercial and industrial loans: loans to business or industrial firm.

Consumer loan: loans for customers to purchase goods.

SMS: short massage services.

SQL: structural query language.

Loan: money that an organization such as bank lends and somebody borrows.

ASP.NET: hypertext processor

HTML: hypertext markup language.

SMSgateway: device or service offering SNS transit, transforming massages to mobile network traffic, allowing transmission or receipt of SMS massage with or without the use of mobile phone.


  1. The SMS technology (like email) does not guarantee set or guaranteed delivery of the message, therefore some message may be delayed, block or lost.
  2. The cost of the message is transferred to the server, is based on the number of messages being sent and is network dependent, although exist in reimbursing such cost and operation volume based tariffs.
  3. The cost of band-width and domain name.