Design and Implementation of Sales Analysis System for Mr. Biggs Fast Food


This research is aimed at designing and implementing of sales analysis system for Mr. Biggs Fast Food. It is set of alleviating the problems the company encountered during sales computation in the past. It describes and explain the computerization of sales and how to calculate due cash sold by the cashier and sales person. The project gives a detailed way of calculating the entire sales record of Mr. Bigg’s PLC, including their budgeting, sales record, transaction, stock at hand etc. and how the result is stored in the database of the company as well as the system required for the computerization and tabulation of different financial areas of the company. This project is also of great advantages because it helps to analysis sales record and calculation, daily sales of the company, this is done to reduce insecurity of the company fund and sales record, because it is, manually done, the record may be incorrect.

For the past decades a number a number of papers had been
published on sales and marketing management. Sales and
marketing activity can be analyzed in term of various means and
purpose for the review to the Mr. Bigg’s Fast Food in Port-Harcourt.
It is possible to identity five different aspect or philosophies which
should help.
Mr. Bigg’s In Nigeria’s first chain fast food restaurant owned by
conglomerate united Africa Company of Nigeria, Founded 1973 In
Nigeria Head Quarter Ojota, Lagos State.
There are currently around 170 Locations in Nigeria, including the
country’s first drive through with another five (5) locations in
Ghana and 10 locations in South Africa.
The restaurant is styled after Mc Donald’s and is known for the
Red and Yellow color scheme and meat pies. Mr. Biggs history
begin with the coffee shops inside Kingsway department stores in
1960s.In 1973, these shop were rebranded as Kingsway

Rendezvous, which became Mr. Bigg’s in 1986.The Chain saw
rapid expansion after becoming one of the first Nigeria companies
to sell franchise to investors.
Mr. Biggs specially is the meat pie, a common lunch might also
include scotch eggs, a sugared donut, chicken and a soft drinks
while western face such as human burgers is served. Nigerian
Delicious such as jollof rice and moin moin are more popular,
Birthday cakes are also a popular product, and Mr. Bigg’s Bakery
offer cakes at parties.
In the past year, the Mr. Bigg’s has witnessed a lot of set back and
this set back has made them not to flourish in the past through
the Mr. Bigg’s product has great value but it has still brought about
other competition. Other problem encountered may be as a result
of their inability to produce software that will analyses raw fact
into information for the future use of the company and also group,
they organize their environment to avoid theft and insecurity in the
company i.e. Mr. Bigg’s PLC.

Sales analysis examines sales reports to see what goods and
services have and have not sold well. The analysis is used to
determine how to stock inventory, how to measure the
effectiveness of a sales force, how to set manufacturing capacity
and to see how the company is performing against its goals.
This project is primary concerned for Mr. Bigg’s PLC with a
special focus on Mr. Bigg’s Port-Harcourt, Nigeria. However this
research focused on the design and implementing sales analysis,
software in other to calculate due cash sold by the person or
cashier including the budgeting, sales record, stock at hand, daily
transaction etc. and how the result is stored in the database of the
company as well as the software a required for the computerization
and tabulation of different in amount area of the company.
The Objective of this review is to analyze and design sales software
and true database which will be used in the day to day activities of
the company, let us take a look at the computer and the manual
computation, Computer has being built in such a way that the

things which are going to be computed will be easier for the user
rather than manual computation, these has created the need to
built a software for computational analysis, as in financial
department. It will be easier to calculate with the computer rather
than using manual which may result to a lot of mistakes in the
The sales of Mr. Bigg’s product records were conducted in all
level, class and sections of the companies, the record keeping sales
forecasting, budget planning department, the quantity control unit
and the security sections.

1. DATA: Theses are raw facts which are not yet processed.
In this project the programmer are unprocessed data because
they are not put in place to give the required output. Data
can also be seen as unprocessed information.
2. INFORMATION: Information are the processed and
unprocessed fact which are yet to gather or put together, or
processed already e.g this project will have no value if the
reason why it is written is not yet fulfilled, but when the

reasons is fulfilled we say that there is an information which
means that the information is now processed.
3. DATA ANALYSIS: Data analysis is the process of analyzing
and putting data in the appropriate position and
implementation in order to resourcetiate goods accountability
of the company.
4. INPUT: Input is the device with which the computations
are going to be queued in the computer and also data to be
5. OUTPUT: Outputs are inputs which are processed by a
computer or the user, in order to get the required information
through the output devices such as the printers the visual
display unit and the matrix dot printer.
6. DATA SECURITIES: This is one of the important aspects of
system control. It is the control of data, to prevent its loss,
misuse or disclosure of that particular data to another person. This type of control is called data security.