1.1 Background of the Study
Today’s world is computer age; Stone Age is replaced with fabulous achievements in science. We are living in the computer age so humans are trying to become automated in each and every field of his need. Basically automation is an act of replacing human labour by machines. Automation is useful because when there are machines in place of humans then the probability of error is minimized.
E-commerce is fast gaining ground as an accepted and used business paradigm. More and more business houses are implementing web sites providing functionality for performing commercial transactions over the web. It is reasonable to say that the process of shopping on the web is becoming commonplace. The objective of this project is to develop a general purpose e-commerce store where cars can be bought from the comfort of home through the Internet (Swapna, 2007). However, for implementation purposes, this paper will deal with an online book store. An online store is a virtual store on the Internet where customers can browse the catalogue and select products of interest. The selected items may be collected in a shopping cart. At checkout time, the items in the shopping cart will be presented as an order. At that time, more information will be needed to complete the transaction. Usually, the customer will be asked to fill or select a billing address, a shipping address, a shipping option, and payment information such as credit card number. An e-mail notification will be sent to the customer as soon as the order is placed.
1.2 Problem Statement
In today’s fast paced society, it’s very hard to be competitive without using cutting-edge technology available in market. After years of business, the data has grown much for Sansani Motors. It is becoming a challenge for Sansani Motors to manage that data in an effective way. To be more productive in order processing, Sansani Motors needs a solution which can facilitate their current processes with use of technology. With increased amount of orders, it will be difficult for Sansani Motors to manage orders in an effective and efficient manner. It will be very hard to go through all paper work and back tracking orders. If there is any complain or review of any order, it takes large amount of effort and time to backtrack and fix the problem. This results in loss of resources, increased time, and low output.
All orders are managed using different papers; all information regarding one order is stored in one physical file. This file contains all the documents related to that particular order. Once Sansani Motors receive an order, they assign a unique number to that order/file. Some of the financial details regarding orders are managed in an Excel sheet. Currently in Sansani Motors the work flow followed is not very efficient due to lack of Software and digital media usage. Workflow from order quotes, order to invoice and payments are today made manually without the help of a computerized management system. This means a lot of manual work, which leads to the loss of control over operations. Due to higher workloads and more errors, delay in the whole process is experienced on daily basis. No database exists and thus poor ability to pick out statistics on for example the existing order stock.
1.3 Justification of the Study
The car sales System is a java based application that can be accessed easily. It basically provides a tool so as to simplify all the activities involved in cars details. This project primarily focuses on the elimination of hassles and paperwork to maintain the cars records. Generally, the proposed system can help provide users with efficient working environment and more output can be generated through this .This system provide the user with friendly interface resulting in knowing each and every usability feature of the system. The proposed system helps in tracking record so that past record can be verified and one can make decision based on the past records. The system completes the work in a very less time consumption and high level efficiency. The system is developed in such way that even new users can also operate the system easily. The calculations are made quickly and the records are directly saved into the database and can be maintain for longer period of time. Each record can be retrieved and can be verified for future transaction. Also the system provides high level of security of data so as to prevent unauthorized access to the admin modules.
1.4 Scope of the Study
Scope of this project is to investigate and design a software solution which can facilitate Sansani Motors in performing their daily tasks, improving efficiency, and helping them to be more productive. This project will provide a solution through which Sansani Motors can easily manage, handle and generate all required information in their respective format when needed. It will help them to manage order details, financial data, and historical data and also in producing documents of different formats for different customers. This solution will help Sansani Motors in reducing effort spent on managing orders. It will also provide them opportunity to explore possibility of
generating documents, managing financial details and analysing historical data with use of digitalized solution.
1.5 Aim and Objective
The aim of this research work is to develop a Car Sales Management System for Sansani Motors. This will aid the management of Sansani Motors in tracking car sales and control. The aim of the proposed Car Sales Management System is to help small scale dealers manage their business with a generic accounting package and extended functionality with plug-in or other bolt-on software. The specific objectives of the research are as follows. To
i. Investigate the related works on Car Sales Management System domains.
ii. Design appropriate representation architecture or the proposed Car Sales Management System.
iii. Develop a system that supports the implementation of the proposed system’s functionality.
iv. Test and validate the system’s performance.
1.6 Limitations of the Study
This project was constrained by the following factors:
a) Financial Constraints Bearing in mind the economic state of the nation, it was found difficult in making both ends meet, because of the exorbitant nature of things nowadays in travelling for the collection of data needed for the project.
b) Time Constraints Looking at the interval between the resumption and vacation of the final semester for the project to be completed, the time given seemed to be short for the collection of required information for better work to be done.
c) Non-Availability of Material During this project, it was noticed that the required materials needed for the project are not documented. Those that were documented lacked storage facilities where they can be reached.