1.0                        INTRODUCTION

1.1              BACKGROUND OF STUDY

Insecurity of our economy keeps making headlines in our respective social media due to the fact that crime strategies in recent time keep replicating as the day goes by, especially those of them that are associated with motor vehicle.

Our everyday security measures like Global Positioning System (GPS), automated car alarm, even the system of embedding car plate-number on the windscreen etc. have done great jobs in resolving as much security bridges as they are designed for. But the recent upgrade in crime strategies posses the greatest challenge these days as it somehow manages to find its way to overcome our standby security strategies that are meant to contain them.

However, designing and implementing an AUTOMATED VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM through computer applications is another means that is most likely going to strengthen our normal security systems around. This strategy from the way I see it, will go a long way filling up the loop hole of security incapacitations in our economy even the nation  at large.

I.2                        STATEMENT OF PROBLEMS

The high rate of vehicle related crimes in our society is on its way to its peak. Lives and properties are lost, innocent individuals pay huge amount of money to hoodlums (almost on daily basis) who don’t deserve any good. These criminals have so much infiltrated our society that both young and old people feels threatened in there various residence and environment..

In other to counter this problem, a computer software has been designed to help the government apprehend these hoodlums so that they will pay for their crimes.

1.3                        OBJECTIVES OF STUDY

  • To design and implement an Enhanced software that is capable of tracking down road side criminals.
  • To cut down the number of security personnel that are in danger of loosing their life on duty.
  • To eradicate crimes associated with motor vehicles.
  • To protect lives and properties of citizen.

1.4                        SIGNIFICANCE OF STUDY

When the expert system must have been developed and implemented, it will be able to accept and store data into a database and provide also the ability to retrieve these data anytime the need for them arise.

Therefore if government can keep record of every customer that purchases plate-number for his/her vehicle, the records can be called up should a given vehicle with certain plate-number get involved in any sort of crime.

The expert system can also ease the efforts of our numerous road side security personnel by pushing some of their duties down to both drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians.

1.5                                 SCOPE OF STUDY

In this research, different vehicle tracking techniques will be studied and a software capable of tracking automobiles will be developed, in other to reduce crimes committed through the use of various automobile

1.6                                 LIMITATIONS OF STUDY

PHOBIA: Considering how sensitive my research work is in real life, the fear of getting as close to a police station won’t let me gather much information.

RELEGATION: Top officials in the Revenue/License office didn’t take me serious,so I was only able to speak with few staff who I presume to be junior staff who don’t really have much clues.

COST CONSTRAINT: The cost of subscribing my modem for internet research is expensive. I resorted to using other people’s phones for my research.

TIME CONSTRAINT: The time given for this work cannot be equated to the level of exhaustive research this work required. So I didn’t really have enough time to gather as much as I needed for this work.

NETWORK CHALLENGES: Access to the internet was an issue sometimes due to bad network during the day, so most of my internet research works were done in the night and sometimes I slept on the work.

1.7                                  DEFINITION OF TERMS

  1. EXPERT SYSTEM: This is a program or software which simulates the thought process of an expert in a certain field, thus using the algorithm of artificial intelligence.
  2. AUTOMATION: The term speaks of the use of machinery in place of people.
  3. DATABASE : In a nutshell, a database is a repository of data on certain subject.
  4. DATA : This is a collection of related files that are usually integrated , linked or cross-referenced to one another.
  5. STORE : It means to collect and set aside, i.e to put in storage or save something for future use.
  6. RETRIEVE : It means to recover, to find and bring back something.
  7. GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM(GPS) : This is a car navigation system that works by a worldwide network of satellites.
  8. ENHANCE : It simply means to raise the value of something to a specific standard.
  9. UPGRADE : This means to raise the quality of something to a better version of it to enable effectiveness and efficiency in performance.
  10. SECURITY : It is the ac of keeping something or someone safe, that is, freedom or protection from danger.
  11. INSECURITY : This team means fearfulness, anxiety, and even lack of self-confidence.
  12. CRIME : This is a harmful act against the public which the state wishes to prevent and therefore upon conviction, is punishable according to its weight or gravity.
  13. PEDESTRIAN : A Pedestrian is someone who walks on the road or travels by foot.
  14. 14. CULPRIT : This is an accused person or an offender.
  15. 15. SURVEILLANCE : It talks about the careful observation of something or someone, or group (Oxford dictionary).
  16. 16. CCTV : Closed-Circuit Television, also known as video surveillance. It is the use of video camera to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitor.
  17. 17. TRACKER : One who, or that which, tracks or pursues (Oxford dictionary).
  18. 18. NETWORK : A communication system consisting of a group of broadcasting stations that all transmit the same program. It is a system of interconnected electronic components or circuits.
  19. 19. ELECTRONICS : The branch of physics that deals with the emission and effects of electrons and with the use of electronic devices.
  20. DEVICE : That which is formed or designed, a contrivance, or invention, an artifice etc. especially a piece of mechanical or electronic equipment.
  21. INTERNET SECURITY : This is a branch of computer security specifically related to the internet, often involving browser security but also network security on a more general level as it applies to other applications or operating systems on the whole.
  22. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY : This is the application of computers and internet to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data, or information, often in the context of a business or other enterprise. Information Technology is considered a subset of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
  23. ADMINISTRATION : This means the execution of managerial duties, that is , the act of managing, or directing , of a setting or environment.
  24. ALGORITHM : This is a sequential problem-solving procedure used within software application in computer science.
  25. FLOWCHART : This is the pictorial representation of an algorithm which illustrates a solution model to a given problem. It is a diagram that uses an algorithm, workflow or process, showing the steps as boxes of various kinds and their order by connecting them with arrows.