The study sought to find out the influence of child care centres on cognitive development of children. In the cause of the research 150 respondents that comprised of care givers in five child care centres in Atiba Local Government Area were given questionnaires to allow for adequate interpretation of the data collected, frequency distribution and percentage method of analysis were used.

          Influence of child care centres on the cognitive development of children and their importance were also examined. Conclusion and necessary recommendations were made.




1.1     Background to the Study

Child care center means caring for child /children usually from 0-13years of age.

The quality of the child care provide for a child will tell on his /her development and his /her personalities. Mother are not expected to neglect their child for care givers to play their roles who  are just offering assistance for them , Rather they should always create time , out of their busy schedule to see to the welfare of their children . If it is necessary for the child to be put in the day care center , effort should be made to select good play materials for the children .

The National Policy on Education, (NPE) specifically stipulated that there is need for equal education opportunities to all Nigeria children irrespective of any real or imagined disabilities. The policy   facilities that would ensure easy access to education shall be provided via inclusive education on integration of special class and unity in to ordinary / public class under the universal Basic education (UBE) programme.

Parents are the fist teacher of their children and they suppose to play their role by promoting their development.

If care givers do not have much experience in higher education , the materials may be presented in a different way than it would be for care givers who have some college experience , or provided through on _site monitoring rather in a classroom setting prior training in child care center may also have a relationship to content.

If care givers have already participated in some training , the topic of the initiative may need to be build or extend on what they have already learn .

Even more important, the service delivery strategies and the content of the initiative must be related to the anticipated outcome. For example, if the goals is to reduce isolation and to enhance access to social support the initiative design may include opportunities for care givers to meet together in addition to home visiting , topic may include information on activities that care givers can do with the children in the community.


  • Statement of the Problem

This research work deals with influence of child care center on the children and seeks to explain the causes and the reason why some parents have interest in taking their children to child care center , the influence of the child care centre on the development of children and the impact of child care center on the social relationship of children with others.


  • Purpose of the Study
  1. To analyze the effects of child care center on children.
  2. To assess the significance of child care center on children.
  3. To show the relationship between care givers and the parent.
  4. To show the relationship between care giver and children.
  5. To show the impact of care centre on the development of children.

1.4  Significance of the Study

It is hoped that this research work will highlight the influence of child care  center on cognitive development of children .The research work will make government and private organization to locate the child care center and give support.

1.5  Scope and Limitation to the Study

This research work examine the influence of location of child care center on cognitive development of children in Atiba local government .Also this study would have covered a wide range area but because of time, and finance constraint  it will be limited to Atiba local government area.


1.6  Definition of Terms

CHILD: This is defined as any person who depends on his /her own parent for survival.

A Child is a young human being below the age of full physical development or below the legal age of maturity .

EMOTION: Is a strong feeling of an individual .it is psycho –physiological experience of an individuals,  state of mind as interacting with or around by intense feeling .

CRECHE CENTER: Is a place where babies and children of school age are care for in a safe stimulating environment to provide education for children.

CARE GIVER: Is anyone who provides help or care to the children.

COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT: Is the dramatic role of brain development in infants, It helps to explain their hunger for stimulation.

1.7 Research Questions

  1. Is there any relationship between child care centre and the development of children?
  2. Is there any relationship between location of child centre and the cognitive development of children?
  3. Does the quality of child care centre has influence on the cognitive?
  4. Does child care centre has negative effects on the development?